some fun facts about the last sale

The Texas A&M Helmet found a new home in Virginia as part of a collection.

Pump Organ found a home at a Texas A&M family down the road.

​And the Chicken Collection is being shipped to a buyer in New York.

Alta Luna Estate Sales is here is help you.

Serving Spring,

The Woodlands, Montgomery, Tomball & North Harris Counties.


≈≈ Victorian Gingerbread Clock & Astoria Wall Clock ≈≈
♦Vintage and Antique Radios some work a few have been gutted but the cases are in perfect condition!
Antique Victrola gutted & re-purposed into a Liquor Cabinet  ≈≈≈≈≈≈ 

Love This!! 
♦ Electric Air Mattress Bed for those who are bed ridden.  Keeps our loved ones from bed sores. The frame moves, head goes up, knees bend.  My explanation may need a little help, come on and see for yourself. 

Big Events Coming Up!

A Family in The Woodlands, Texas is downsizing.
I can't believe the items they need to re-home.  This will be an online sale.  Just haven't figured out which venue to showcase the sale on.  Keep checking it out. 

A online sale.
I took a few items from my last sale and I am holding over to sell online.  

I am also looking at another sale this week.  I will post a sneak peak.  

In the meantime follow up on Instagram, and FaceBook.  I will have some items listed for sale on Instagram.  

Text if you have any questions 713-591-5231.
I will not answer the phone on the days of the sale you will just have to come out and see what great items are for you.​​​