What you should know.

Once you agree to use our services and a contract is signed, we bring in our team to sort trash from treasure.  We organize, clean, shine, and display all items for the sale.

Our team was chosen for their area of expertise and knowledge of the current market.  A great deal of research is done though out the pricing process.  All items are priced to sell and are valued at a fair and reasonable price. 

Your sale listing will be advertised on websites estatesales.org, and estatesales.net, Craigslist, posted on social websites such as Facebook, along with mass e-mail blasts.  Signage will go up the morning of the sale and not taken down till the end of business the last day.

All about me.

In 2009 I found I was in need of an estate sale company to help with liquidating the unwanted items from my family home.  All the companies I called were very unrealistic and fee heavy.  While this is not indicative of all companies, it was my experience.  So, I held the sale myself.  Even with my years of sales and event experience, it was very emotional and stressful.  What I realized is that there is a need for people who are detached emotionally to do the liquidating for everyone involved.  Taking the emotion out of the scenario and carring the burden, while getting a fair market value for our loved ones household belongings and treasured collections.   

In 2010 I found myself out of job.  I was racking my brain trying to come up with a way to replace my loss of income.  With great deal of deliberation I thought why don’t I start an estate sales company.  After all I had years of experience working in and out of the antique business and retail outlets.  I was a seasoned salesperson, having sold advertising for twenty years, how hard could that be?  What started out as liquidating two-second homes for my first sale, ended up as a multi-family sale.  With hard work, a lot of help from my dear friends and some major sunburn...MY BUSINESS WAS BORN.

I started out with a dear friend of mine, who has gone to pursue other deams.  Now, I have several people who I work with.  They all come from various backgrounds and are chosen for their part in the puzzle.  

I have fallen in love with all of my customers.  Solving their problems of what to do when it is time to downsize, or close a loved one’s home has been so fulfilling. 

Alta Luna Estate Sales put our customers first, that is you.  Give me a call I would love to meet you and talk about how what we do can help you. 

Marie Rodehorst and the Alta Luna Estate Sale Family